24th July 2018

scary OSM bar

i fumble to open my osm nutrition balance in every serve bite cranberry with blackberry. I am so hungry but the packet makes a deafening crinkling noise and the man hears me. The package cut my finger as i tr to open it fast. It opens and it smells rotten and feral. I bite it and it taste like trash. I feel it and i let it go into the bin.

The doorbell rings with a loud ‘ding-dong’ noise. Its my mum! She has come back with my favourite treat. An osm bar. She passes it to me and i am one with bar as i run my fingers along it tho the crinkled edges. I savour the moment as i tear it open with passion. I stand still for a moment and stare and embrace the thought of eating it. I slowly pop it into my drooling mouth and a burst of cranberry and blackcurrant explodes on my taste buds. A tear runs down my cheek as i realise it is gone forever…

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