Fate is a  hidden message that is a unmissable force that leads to certain consequences in people’s lives. The theme of fate plays a serious role in the main characters of the play, Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet share a life that dooms them to their deaths almost  immediately after the exchange of their  love. their attempts to challenge their fate the lovers still struggle to the  powers of fate. In the Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet, the principle of fate propels the lovers together,  And even tears them apart through a sad and tragic ending.

We first see this fate message in the story when  Romeo and benvolio run into the Capulet servant who is carrying an invitation list to the Capulet party, where Romeo and Juliet meet each other.Because the servant cannot read,he asks Romeo for help and to read the list for him and Romeo says ”If you be not of the house of Montagues, i pray come and crush a fine cup of wine”.this shows us about fate in the story and that Romeos fate was to go to the party.

”saint francis be my speed! how oft tonight my old feet stumbled at the graves”!

Another example of fate in the plot of the story is when Friar Lawrence sent for a letter to be delivered to Romeo to tell him the plan and how he is going to meet Juliet in the Capulet tomb to finally get away from the battle between the two families and escape his exile.. This is not what Friar Lawrence wanted to happen, he says ”Unhappy fortune! By my brotherhood, The letter was not nice but full of charge, Of dear import and the neglecting it May do much danger. Friar John, go hence. Get me an iron crow and bring it straight Unto my cell.” This is seen as “fate” because if the letter did reach Romeo he would have ended up running away with Juliet and none of the problems would have been resolved. God wanted this to happen.

And also the aspect of the play that shows the idea of ‘fate’ is the use of Pathetic Fallacy. Shakespeare uses this to show that you know something important that the characters don’t know. One example of this technique is in one line of the prologue it says “A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life,” the ‘two star-crossed lovers’ referring to Romeo and Juliet and ‘take their life’ referring to how they both commit suicide in the end of the play. We literally know the ending of the story from the very first lines. It is almost like we are God and we know the fate of all of the characters.

This foreshadowing becomes true when Juliet kills herself. Shakespeare intendeds the reader to think that fate was in charge when he mentions the deaths of the story.
Romeo and Juliet who were “star cross’d lovers “, meaning that the two were chosen by fate to be together bla bla bla . Even though they were chosen by the stars, Shakespeare , implying that the only way to preserve their love was in the afterlife. Many bad stuff that occurred were intended to happen, for instance, when Tybalt was killed by Romeo. Shakespeare creates the character Tybalt to refer to him as “Fortunes fool”, thus meaning he is merely just a puppet being toyed by fate. But before anyone was massacred, fate already had arranged and chosen Romeo and Juliet’s marriage to go downhill and bad  when Capulet decided for Juliet to marry Paris.
Romeo and Juliet’s love was a powerful nature which can only be accepted after death. When the two strangers decided to get married, Friar Lawrence who was to wed them sensed that Romeo and Juliet were “Wisely and slow they stumble that run fast”.




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  2. Reading: 6B – You show insight and have selected excellent details to support your analysis of the various language and dramatic effects that Shakespeare has employed. The mis-naming of dramatic irony as “pathetic fallacy” affected your mark here.
    Writing: 5A – There are some flares of brilliant expression and a developing ‘voice’. This was sometimes undermined by transient simple spelling errors and lapses and accurate sentence structure.

    You have real potential in English, I look forward to working with you to revealing this potential further over time.


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