7th May 2019

The boys – Transcript

Keltan, Mustafa, Alfie, Josh

A: Yea ok, Alright

M: Why would you do drugs at f****** school c***



M: Yea its dumb

K: Its the dumbest thing you can do at school

J: No, no its epic

K: Epic gang weed

A: Do it in your own time aye

M: If you want to do it, actual do it in a bush

A: Like that teacher said; do it in your own time

M: Mr Gawn, he’s like actual go do it in a bush

J: He said that to us as well, oh wait no I think he said that to us

K: He said that to us in math

M: Lol, William

K: Lol William got stood down

M: Im gonna kill myself then I’m gonna kill you too lol huhuhuh

A: Didn’t the police come round his house or something

K: The police like seized all his weapons

A: Yea what

M: They actual did that

J: They seized his weapons?

M: Yea he death threated

K: Yea like their hunting rifles

M: He’s like I’m gonna kill you then I’m gonna kill myself lol

J: Lol 

K: He actual said that

A: Then her parents didn’t know how how to take a joke

K: Imagine the cops knocking at your door at night

J: He’s like yea im just gonna kill you and kill myself, so what

A:His dad will be like oh yea good on you

M: If my dad caught me saying that i swear i wouldn’t even get the sandle

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