In a cavern, the weird sisters throw awful ingredients such as “eye of newt and toe of frog into a cauldron full of a boiling brew. Hecate arrives, and all dance and sing. One witch cries out “Something wicked this way comes Macbeth enters. He commands the witches to answer his questionsThe witches conjure up three apparitions. First, a floating head appears […]

Summary: Act 3, scene 5. Upon the stormy heath, the witches meet with Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft. Hecate scolds them for meddling in the business of Macbeth without consulting her but declares that she will take over as supervisor of the mischief. … Hecate vanishes, and the witches go to prepare their charms.

Summary: Act 4, scene 3. Outside King Edward’s palace, Malcolm speaks with Macduff, telling him that he does not trust him since he has left his family in Scotland and may be secretly working for Macbeth. … When the doctor leaves, Malcolm explains to Macduff that King Edward has a miraculous power to cure disease.

Act 2 Scene 3 A knocking is heard on the castle gates, Lady Macbeth returns, but her husband is already regretting what he has done. The castle porter goes to open the door. The porter imagines himself to be the porter of hell-gate, welcoming various types of sinner. He admits Macduff and Lenox and jokes […]

The boys – Transcript Keltan, Mustafa, Alfie, Josh A: Yea ok, Alright M: Why would you do drugs at f****** school c*** *giggling* K: SWEAR WORDS M: Yea its dumb K: Its the dumbest thing you can do at school J: No, no its epic K: Epic gang weed A: Do it in your own time aye M: […]