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  The Shinny Fresh Diamond Rolex A Poem by mustafa BOYYYY who’s fresh diamond rolex is that? I think I know. Its owner is quite an angry bloke with a fat hair line though. He was cross like a a dark rotten scummy potato. I watch him pace. I cry hellooo . He gives his […]

Behind the car stood a sketchy hobo man taking his dog to the nearest dumpster for a meal. Between him and the dumpster stood a mean dodgy looking man wearing a crimson red gucci robe. Below him on the rough cobblestone street he wore a fresh pair of snakeskin gucci loafers engraved with rubies. On […]

i fumble to open my osm nutrition balance in every serve bite cranberry with blackberry. I am so hungry but the packet makes a deafening crinkling noise and the man hears me. The package cut my finger as i tr to open it fast. It opens and it smells rotten and feral. I bite it […]